Valuable Lessons From 2022 And Intentions Going Into 2023 From Successful Entrepreneur Ramon Peralta

Ramon Peralta delivered a TEDx Talk in 2022 titled ‘How To Succeed By Being Yourself’ and in this talk he shared some amazing insights for ambitious individuals and entrepreneurs. The talk grabbed the attention of the global public reinforcing that Ramon is an individual worth listening to. In this article Ramon has documented the key lessons learnt in 2022 and his intentions going into 2023.

“A return to normalcy was the expectation for 2022 after a tumultuous couple of years of dealing with a global pandemic. Entrepreneurs had to grow their businesses without the safety net of government programs or incentives while simultaneously convincing many employees to return to the office while keeping clients optimistic through uncertain times. 

The fact remains that things will never be the same. There is no such thing as a return to normal, but instead what we’re left with is a new normal, one that, if we’re smart enough, will be better than it was before.

Here are the Top 5 Lessons Learned in 2022 that will change business forever:

Invest in Your People

I can honestly say that I never cared as much about my team’s personal lives as I did during the pandemic. When we went 100% remote during the shutdown, our daily staff meetings became daily wellness checks. Now that everyone is quadruple boosted and back in the office, we have put an even greater emphasis on emotional intelligence and overall wellness. Health plans, fitness challenges, nutrition, professional development, and leadership training are all ways that we have ramped up investing in our team. We know we’ll continue to reap the benefits for years to come and there’s no turning back now.

Go Against the Grain

In late 2021 we saw our office building go completely empty as many corporations delayed their return to the office. We did the opposite: we tripled our office size and prepared for growth. In 2022, I published a book called “Launch Your Brand: The Fastest Way to Supercharge Any Business” and delivered my first TEDx talk aimed at entrepreneurs. By Q42022, I was averaging 3-4 speaking engagements per week. When everyone was doing less, we were doing more. The more the word ‘recession’ was used in the media, the more determined we were to increase our brands footprint internationally. Be like the salmon and swim upstream. 

Opportunity in Adversity

When fear strikes, our fight or flight response kicks in. In 2022, we learned that we came out of the pandemic even stronger than we thought we were. Much like Covid became a catalyst that accelerated the weak or dated business plans into an early demise, it also helped those preparing to make the digital transformation in their businesses to grow and scale at a much greater pace. In every economic downturn, there is an increase in new business creation. Peralta Design’s mission is to help OTHER people launch their businesses and 2022 was no exception. We saw an increase in new business creation and we predict that as the market continues to correct itself, we’ll see even more startups emerge.

Sticky Offices

While most of the corporate world remains remote or hybrid, we at Peralta Design are staying true to our original model: onsite work is the default, not the exception. The office culture and model at Peralta Design is an apprenticeship system, where younger team members work alongside more seasoned veterans. Considering most of our team is under 40, we see real value in collaboration and teams working together in the same location. There is an energy transfer that simply can’t be duplicated virtually. More importantly, we can provide a superior level of service to our customers because response time is fastest when everyone is together. We know there are many remote and virtual options out there, so we make sure to offer perks such as catered lunches and weekly team-building activities in addition to a built-in putting green, an arcade machine and onsite gym to make work not just work, but a destination. 

Passive Income Streams

The best teams not only feel a sense of community, but also ownership in the workplace. In 2022, we became resellers and partners for hosting platforms as well as website frameworks that allowed us to generate passive income which is shared among our team members. We serve entrepreneurs and therefore instill a culture of entrepreneurship at PD. That has helped our team empathize with the clients they serve. The ability to create new verticals that generate passive income while also having a system that can augment team members’ paychecks makes a great foundation for us to build upon. In 2022, we established weekly “Biz Dev” meetings where we actively brainstorm and whiteboard new revenue streams for the business. 

Goal for 2023: Intentional Growth

Brand awareness for awareness sake will not provide a measurable return on investment. With even more advertising options and a plethora of social media platforms, companies will need to be even more intentional with the platforms they advertise on. Get back to basics by revisiting your company’s sales funnel and make sure that each CEO appearance, each newsletter, each social media post and each paid ad can be traced back to a specific audience and a specific call to action. You can also get an edge on your competitors if you increase your advertising spend while everyone else is cutting back. Scared money doesn’t make money, but strategic money always does. 

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